• Welcome to the NEW WISE!

    No "Adobe Flash" requirement
    All New Gradebook (Faculty, click here for Overview and Instructions!)
    Improved Site Navigation
    Enhanced Flexibility for use on Phone and Mobile Devices
    Intuitive Interface

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    Some familiar tools have changed

    With a few minor exceptions, if a tool in the left-hand column does not have an icon next to it, it is no longer supported or has been replaced by a newer version of the tool. See below for details.

    Gradebook 1 and Gradebook 2 are no longer active.  They have been replaced by the new version simply called Gradebook.  Old grades and grading info are still present and can be accessed through a new tool called Gradebook Classic.

    My Workspace is now known as Home.

    More Sites has been replaced by the new SITES button in the upper-right corner.

    Media Gallery will require you to enable third-party cookies in your browser but it no longer needs Adobe Flash

    To go Back and Forward, just use the arrow buttons in your web browser.

    What Faculty NEED to Know

    If you already started setting up your FA19 Courses

    1. Gradebook 2 may be in your list of tools.  It will NOT work.  All entries have been migrated into the new Gradebook and you’ll need to add this tool to your site(s).
    2. If you set up Media Gallery before August 17th, you’ll need to re-add this tool and the new version will have all your previously loaded materials.  The new version is also called Media Gallery.
    3. Names for the old tools will still be in the left-hand column…but they will not function.  Any tools lacking an icon/image next to them are no longer active in the new WISE.
    4. Some older sites use custom, uncommon tools.  If you have trouble using any tools in WISE, please contact your USC or email wise-admin@willamette.edu
    5. Rosters not showing up?  You may need to clear the cache in your web browser for them to display properly.